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Art Conservation has been operating In the Bay Area since 1993, practicing conservation of fine art objects, paintings, murals, sculptures
and other artifacts.  We provide museum quality conservation and restoration services, and specialize In conservation of artwork from the  
antiquities till the modern day, including contemporary art.

Examples of the works
Art Conservation has conserved can be viewed at key museums such as San Francisco's Legion of Honor , De
Young Museum, Triton Museum, Di Rosa, Filoli,  etc., public monuments In the cities of San Jose and San Francisco, as well as private

Art Conservation works with the following Bay Area art businesses: Atthowe Fine Art Services, Connect Art International, Lawrence Fine
Art, Exclusive Art Service Kevin Evenson, Hackett Mills Art Gallery, John Berggruen Art Gallery, Anne Konhs & Associates and many

Living artists whose works Art Conservation restores on regular basis include Frank Lobdell, Manuel Neri and we have prepared some of
their works for art shows and publications. We also have significant experience with the works of the following modern artists: Nathan
Oliviero, Joan Brown, Elmer Bischoff, Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Burkhardt, John Saccaro, William Wiley, Mark Adams, Roy De Forest,
Peter Voulkos, Mark Di Suvero, Stephen De Staebler, David Park, Joel Shapiro, Robert Arneson, Robert Hudson, and many others.

Works treated In our laboratory have been sold after restoration at many renowned auctions including Christie's, Sotheby's, Jakson's
Auctions, John Moran, Bonhams (formerly Butterfield), Clars Auction, Michaan's, Slawinski, San Rafael Auction, etc.

About the Owner - Mikhail Ovchinnikov

As the primary conservator and the owner of the business, Mikhail is passionate about preserving Fine Arts for educational, cultural, and
aesthetic purposes.  He is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) and abide to their code
of ethics and guidelines of practice. His career as an Art Conservator began over thirty years ago In Moscow, Russia after obtaining Master
of Arts degree from the Surikov School of Arts and working 14 years as conservator, Mikhail was qualified as a senior art conservator by
the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Affairs of the former USSR. He has worked for over 17 years at the Grabar Institute of Restoration and
Conservation, a world renowned restoration and conservation institution.  During his career there Mikhail worked with 34 museums of
Russia and multiple Russian Orthodox churches and cathedrals. In that period, his works were frequently shown at professional art
conservation exhibitions throughout USSR and Europe.  He trained many conservators from various art museums and also took part In
professional conferences.  His have been included In publications on art conservation.

As a result of the above experience Mikhail is highly skilled In museum quality conservation.  He specializes In conservation of paintings,
murals, icons, polychrome wooden sculptures, stone and metal sculptures and monuments, and external and internal gilding of various
surfaces.   His work includes old masters as well as contemporary artists.

Following Mikhail's immigration to the United States In 1991, he has continued evolving his skills as an Art Conservator, taking on
challenging projects from museums, government agencies, religious institutions, private collections, etc.  Mikhail treats every project as a
new experience and unique opportunity to preserve a piece of art.  He continues to develop customized treatments for each project
guaranteeing effective, ethical, and financially sound outcomes.  His goal is to ensure that every finished project he works on showcases the
mastery of the original artist.